Our Care Fees:


£18.50 per hour = There is no charge extra charges for evenings or weekends.

£12.75 for half hour call

£15.00 for 45 minute call

£21.50 per hour+ = Adhoc service

£166.50 per night* = waking nights

£90.00 per night** = Sleep-ins

£0.55p per mile++ = Mileage charge


+ideal for clients who may need cover for when their regular carers or PA is away. Please contact for a further breakdown of charges.

* Minimum 9 hours. Extra hours can be purchased.

**Maximum 8 hours a sleep-in shift starts and end times are agreed in advance of a service commencement. 

Additional hours can be purchased extending the start or end times of a night service e.g. to start before 22.00hrs or to finish later than 07.00hrs .

++ Mileage charges are pre-agreed during care planning meeting.